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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
School NurseSN1113

School Nurse RN or LPN  Grades PreK-5

Typical Duties: 

  1. Assists with Health Education for staff and students. 
  2. Assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates the health needs of students and staff. 
  3. Develops individual health care plans with specific goals, objectives, and interventions of the student with special health needs and/or chronic health problems. 
  4. Serves as liaison between the medical community, the school, and the staff regarding student health concerns. 
  5. Assists with mandated School Immunization program and Screening programs. 
  6. Assists in assessing in-school and community health care resources. 
  7. Performs other such duties as may be assigned by the PPS Director. 
AS per CSEA contract